Smitha knew from the age of 5 she wished to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a doctor.  She attended the University of Missouri combined BA/MD program – otherwise known as Doogie Howser school – from which she graduated as a full-fledged doctor at the age of 23!  After completing an internal medicine residency, she worked as an academic hospitalist at Northwestern Hospital with Northwestern Medical School and Denver Health with the University of Colorado.   Currently Smitha is an academic hospitalist in Portland Oregon and an Associate Professor with the University of Oregon Health and Sciences Center. 

Smitha served her community by working at a safety net hospital and teaching residents and medical students.  But shortly after the 2016 election she realized she was not doing enough for her community and her democracy. She cashed in all of her frequent flyer miles to attend the Women’s March in Washington DC.  After the march she came home and found the Indivisible Guide and the Indivisible Movement.  This led her to Indivisible Oregon where she is an organizer and leads the policy team. While the time since the election has been one of the hardest in her life it has also been one of the most rewarding.  She firmly believes that with each conversation, action, post and call we will move forward. 

Towards our goals.  Towards our future.  Which will be better and bright.