Rebecca went heavily into student debt for not one -but two- fine art degrees. Armed with such marketable job skills, she sold out to the man and began working in graphic design, first in her native New York, and then in Portland, Oregon.

In 2008, as the economy careened off a cliff, Rebecca and her husband Marc figured it would be the perfect time to start their own design studio. Luckily, Barack Obama was elected, the country stabilized, and the passage of the ACA enabled Rebecca and Marc to get health insurance for themselves and their kids.

In 2012, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School motivated Rebecca to turn her occasional activism into something more committed, getting deeply involved with the Gun Violence Prevention movement. Rebecca believes very strongly in fucking the NRA. Rebecca believes very strongly in dismantling the NRA.

After being utterly devastated by the 2016 presidential election, Rebecca helped found Indivisible Oregon, which builds on the Indivisible Guide to oppose the agenda of The Dotard Who Shall Not Be Named. She flew cross-country on a red eye and slept in the basement of the friend of a friend in order to attend the Women’s March in Washington DC.

In addition to paying work, Rebecca is proud to lend her design skills to candidates and organizations that she supports, like Indivisible Oregon, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Planned Parenthood, and Rise to Run.

When “in garrison” * at her home in Portland, Rebecca flies a RESIST flag from her front porch. She’ll take it down when this administration is taken down.