Ep. 91 - Every Tool is a Weapon (if you hold it right)

This week: Rebecca explores spycraft, Smitha coins a new hashtag, and Megan defines “Electability.”



Action of the week: 

For Senators: Please lobby McConnell to bring gun violence prevention and election security bills to a vote.  Our lives and democracy depend on it.

For Reps: Please support immediate televised impeachment hearings.  Trump is a corrupt, criminal who has committed impeachable offenses and must be held accountable.

For Defund hate: I’m appalled at how cruel Trump and his administration are towards immigrants and refugees. Cruelty is the point for Trump and his GOP. I ask the Representative push for:

  • immediate impeachment hearings.  Trump must be held accountable for his illegal treatment of our neighbors at the border.
  • a budget that cuts ICE and CBP to “FY16” levels
  • humanitarian guard rails for any funding provided to ICE/CBP


And after you call please help register voters for 2020 with Vote Forward https://votefwd.org/. We must overwhelm the 2020 elections with a blue tsunami from Trump to leave office.