Ep. 81 – I Want My Impeachment TV!

Ep. 81 - I Want My Impeachment TV!

This week, we shoot the shit about Joe Biden and the Hyde Amendment, Elizabeth Warren’s surge, Mitch McConnell’s corruption, Impeachment 24-7 and get caught up on the House’s first hearing on The Mueller Report(-ish).



Action of the week: 

Trump has committed impeachable offenses.  Congress must hold him accountable and open an impeachment inquiry.  We need an impeachment inquiry as it has powers of a judicial inquiry and it will compel the American people to watch. Please see http://www.indivisibleor.org/actions/ for scripts.

And then find an impeachment inquiry rally near you – the weekend of June 15th. In the Portland area it is 11AM at Terry Shrunk Plaza. RSVP here. 

For 2020

Do as many actions as you can listed on the Americans of Conscious Checklist – Empowering All Citizens to Vote edition. This checklist is an amazing resource in an of itself and this voting edition takes it to the next level. 

In the Portland area join Indivisible Oregon at letter writing events. 

For current elections – keeping people engaged and the blue wave going will help us for 2020

    1. post cards – https://postcardstovoters.org/  
    2. letters –  vote forward https://votefwd.org/  
    3. texting 
      1. open progress https://www.openprogress.com 
      2. resistance labs https://resistancelabs.com/ .  
    4. phone bank – swing left www.swingleft.org.  

Donate – we need to get qualified candidates on the stage 

    1. to WOMEN candidates  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/borntobeinit
    2. to presidential fund via swing left. 
    3. donating to senate candidates. This is the next biggest battle after the presidential race.  WE HAVE TO WIN THE SENATE. So set up a reoccurring donation to someone or donate to this fund from swing left