Ep. 75 – Stacey Newman, The Interview

Ep. 75 - Stacey Newman, The Interview

Rebecca interviews former Missouri House Representative Stacey Newman about guns, abortion and running for office. Smitha needs everybody to say the word “IMPEACHMENT,” and Biden makes Megan’s blood boil.


About Former MO Representative Stacey Newman.

Stacey’s organization ProgressWomen.

Cosmopolitan article about MO bill HB1397, making it as difficult to buy a gun as it is to get an abortion.



Actions of the week: 

We all need to say the word impeachment.  We all need demand our MoCs say the word impeachment.  We all need to demand our MoCs call for an impeachment inquiry.  Trump committed impeachable offenses and he must be held accountable.  If we don’t do it now, we legitimize what he has done and will lose our chance to stand up for what is right. And if our MoCs don’t hear about impeachment from the grassroots they may never act on it. 

Calls to congress:

Impeachment ask: My name is XX from XX zipcode: Trump committed impeachable offenses. He must be held accountable.  I ask that Rep/Senator to say that Trump committed impeachable offenses and call on the House to hold an impeachment inquiry

Combo ask: My name is XX from XX zipcode: The Mueller report shows that Trump committed impeachable offenses and our elections were hacked.  Trump must be held accountable and our elections must be securled.  I ask that Rep/Senator to 

  1. say that Trump committed impeachable offenses 
  2. call on the House to hold an impeachment inquiry
  3. demand the Senate pass HR1 to protect our elections 

Election Action

The best antidote is to all this unrest is to take action.  After calling your member of Congress check out the resources below.  

NEW OPPORTUNITY!! SuperMajority – https://supermajority.com/  

Supermajority is a new home for women’s activism, training and mobilizing a multiracial, intergenerational community that will fight for gender equity together.

  1. Actions that take time These are for current elections.  And keeping people engaged and the blue wave going will help us for 2020
    1. Post cards: postcards to voters https://postcardstovoters.org/ 
    2. Letter writing: vote forward https://votefwd.org/.  
    3. texting – open progress https://www.openprogress.com/
    4. testing resistance labs https://resistancelabs.com/ 
    5. phone bank – swing left www.swingleft.org.  
  2. Actions that take money. The Democratic Primary debates must be about policy.  It is up to us to get the candidates we want on that stage.  A candidate must have 65,000 unique donors to qualify.  Any donation counts.  
    1. to WOMEN candidate.  
      1. Elizabeth Warren
      2. Kamala Harris
      3. Kirsten Gillibrand
      4. Amy Klobuchar
      5. All four of the above https://secure.actblue.com/donate/borntobeinit
    2. to presidential fund Unify or Die via swing left. 
    3. to senate candidates. This is the next biggest battle after the presidential race.  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/retakesenate2020 
  3. How to find out about actions
    1. sign up for Rogan’s list – they send great action and great election stuff most week days.  http://roganslist.blogspot.com/ 

Listen up, Dummies!

Fantasy Impeachment Select Committee

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