Ep. 71 – Release The Report

Ep. 71 - Release The Report

This week, 


MoveOn Rally to Release the Report, Thursday April 4, 5-7pm, North Waterfront Park.

• Adam Schiff’s epic soliloquy on Russian Collusion & Trump Corruption: “You might say that’s all OK. But I don’t think it’s OK.”

Transcript of the above (in Twitter thread form).

Vote for End Times Pep Talk for Best Local Podcast in Willamette Week! 

• Oregon gun bills SB978 & HB 2013:

Info from Ceasefire Oregon.

SB978 on OLIS

HB2013 on OLIS

Submit written testimony:
SB978: sjud.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov

HB 2013: hjud.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov

Find your Oregon Legislator.



The Mueller report must be released.  The Barr letter is another example of obstruction of justice by this administration.  Keep calling Congress until the Mueller report is released. 

Calls to congress:

My name is XX from XX zipcode. The Barr letter is an example of obstruction of justice and we must see the Mueller report.  I ask the Senator/Rep to do all he/she can to get the Mueller report released.  Thank you. 

Election Action

The Barr letter left many of us feeling unsettled and wary.  The best antidote is taking action.  After calling your member of Congress check out the resources below.  

  1. Actions that take time These are for current elections.  And keeping people engaged and the blue wave going will help us for 2020
    1. Post cards: postcards to voters https://postcardstovoters.org/ 
    2. Letter writing: vote forward https://votefwd.org/.  
    3. texting – open progress https://www.openprogress.com/
    4. testing resistance labs https://resistancelabs.com/ 
    5. phone bank – swing left www.swingleft.org.  
  2. Actions that take money. The Democratic Primary debates must be about policy.  It is up to us to get the candidates we want on that stage.  A candidate must have 65,000 unique donors to qualify.  Any donation counts.  
    1. to WOMEN candidate.  
      1. Elizabeth Warren
      2. Kamala Harris
      3. Kirsten Gillibrand
      4. Amy Klobuchar
      5. All four of the above https://secure.actblue.com/donate/borntobeinit
    2. to presidential fund Unify or Die via swing left. 
    3. to senate candidates. This is the next biggest battle after the presidential race.  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/retakesenate2020 
  3. How to find out about actions
    1. sign up for Rogan’s list – they send great action and great election stuff most week days.  http://roganslist.blogspot.com/ 


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