Ep. 70 – An Interview With Erin Conroy

Ep. 70 - An Interview With Erin Conroy


Rebecca sits down with activist, lawyer and Stand On Every Corner co-founder Erin Conroy to discuss white supremacist terror, the myth of meritocracy, and the trauma of living under a gaslighting regime. Smitha reminds us of recent progressive victories, asks congress to protect us from white supremacy and gun violence, and rants about sexism in the 2020 presidential race. Megan weighs in with some complex math


Erin Conroy on Twitter: @chargrille

Stand on Every Corner: www.standoneverycorner.com

Recent news on white supremacists, WS terrorism & far right extremism in the US.

Really great video piece from Joy Reid’s show on Sunday.

Fewer than 1 in 5 FBI terror cases target White Supremacists.

Unicorn Riot’s expose of Identity Evropa members is ongoing, revealing some very disturbing levels of white supremacists in the miltiary, police forces, and the NRA:

 National call: to MOC to make sure Judiciary will hear from community groups like CAIR. 

What the GOP did after white supremacist terrorism & murder in Charlottesville (spoiler: nothing). 

Nadler calls Congressional hearings on white supremacist terror.

Oregon-specific call to action from Zakir Khan of OR-CAIR. Follow Khan on Twitter: @muzzakh

Find your Oregon State legislators

Oregon Bill SB 577. 

Call to action on SB577.

Please join the #StandOnEveryCorner family this July 4! 

Erin wrote about the benefits that she experienced by standing on her corner from Helsinki through the 2018 midterms here. 

Don’t want to wait to speak out – whether it’s protesting ongoing human rights abuses of children at our border, or calling for impeachment? Start a recurring corner and register it at www.standoneverycorner.com, which has information about the movement & tips on getting started! Follow our official account at @NationalSOEC, founder @brycetache, Salt Lake City SOEC’s @ashleyweitz. For a taste of how folks are using #StandOnEveryCorner’s DIY platform, check out @senorhettler, who’s been standing for 55+ days straight now in Tulsa OK.

For Families Belong Together & border separations: @RAICESTEXAS.

Families are still being separated.

1000s more children were separated than thought.

Kirtstjen Nielsen testimony contradicted.

House Oversight Committee on Nielsen’s possible perjury.

ACTION from Indivisible to fight all forms of family separation. 

Detaining border journalists reporting on family separations.

ACTION: support the ACLU challenge to this unconstitutional practice; call for Congressional oversight.



Issues of the week: 

Members of Congress have the honor of serving their country to help people.  They must look past partisanship and power, do their duty, and work to protect us from white supremacy and gun violence. 

Calls to congress:

Congress must protect us from white supremacy and gun violence.  I ask the Senator/Rep to:

  1. Reject Trump’s white supremacy by pushing for passage of the Muslim Ban and Asylum Ban Repeal (S246/HR 246).  
  2. Reject Trump’s racism by overriding his veto, thereby stopping emergency wall funding
  3. Addressing gun violence by passing back ground checks and an assault weapons ban.  

Election Action

The Democratic Primary debates must be about policy.  It is up to us to get the candidates we want on that stage.  A candidate must have 65,000 unique donors to qualify.  Any donation counts.  Let’s make sure the women are on that stage – donation links below: 

Elizabeth Warren

Kamala Harris

Kirsten Gillibrand

Amy Klobuchar


No thanks Joe.