Ep. 63 – Uniting Communities: A Conversation with Kalpana Krishnamurthy

Ep. 63 – Uniting Communities: A Conversation with Kalpana Krishnamurthy

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This week, we revisit family separations, review why we call our reps, and ramp up for the state legislative session with guest Kalpana Krishnamurthi from Forward Together.


Family Separations:

A government report issued Thursday by the Inspector General of the Dept of Health & Human Services said the Trump administration probably separated thousands more migrant children from their parents at the U.S. border than has previously been made public, but federal efforts to track those children have been so poor that the precise number is unknown. 

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley revealed a previously secret document that shows the Trump Administration deliberately plotting to create a crisis at the southern border.

Merkley is now calling for the FBI to investigate DHS Secretary Kjirsten Nielsen for lying to Congress about the administration’s family separation plan.


Action of the week: 

This shutdown is hurting so many and we are being held hostage by Trump and McConnell.  As Leah Greenberg so clearly and eloquently outlined we must keep calling.  Because not only are they keeping the government shut down they are also causing irrevocable harm to families at the border, working to take away our health care, hurting so many federal workers (furloughed workers can find Oregon resources here)

Calls to congress 

Here are some scripts to call about the shutdown combined with healthcare or families at the border. 

My name is XX and my zipcode is XX.  I am very worried about the shutdown and the attacks on healthcare that are happening while the govt is shut down.  Please keep working to open the government without any money for the wall.  Then work to fix the ACA so everyone can have healthcare

My name is XX and my zipcode is XX.  I am very worried about the shutdown and the reports about family separation and abuse at the border.  Please keep working to open the government with no money for the wall AND make a public call for Kristen Neilson to resign.

Bonus action

Come and see our producer (and Smitha’s husband) first ever one-man show! “You Were Supposed to be This Great Thing” will be playing Saturday February 2nd at the Old Church Theater.  For tickets and more information check out Portland Story Theatre. 

Interview with Kalpana Krishnamurthy

This week on EndTimesPepTalk we interviewed Kalpana Krishnamurthy from Forward Together, an organization that “unites communities to win rights, recognition, and resources for all families”.  We discussed the opportunities to make an impact on paid family leave, moving past measure 105, Oregon voting rights, and Oregon tax policy during this upcoming state legislative season.  One point Kalpana didn’t have time to make is that the government shutdown is placing families very near the point where they will lose their SNAP benefits.  So, while we must get involved at the state level to move progressive policies, please also call about ending the shutdown. 

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