Ep. 60 – Highs & Lows of 2018

Ep. 60 - Highs & Lows of 2018

This week, Smitha & Rebecca bring you the End Times and the Pep Talks Of 2018, while Megan recovers from a bout of botulism.




The shutdown looks like it will extend to January.  Keep calling, especially if you have Dem Reps/Senators and tell them to stay strong on no money for the wall. 

Calls to congress:

“My name is [Name]. I am a constituent and I live in ZIP code [number]. I am very concerned about the shutdown.  It is hurting so many. I ask [Sen/Rep] to…”

  1.  end the shutdown with ZERO money for a border wall
  2. pass legislation to make sure federal workers AND federal contractors get back pay and
  3. reauthorization for the Violence Against Women’s Act H.R. 6545

And for Reps add “and when the new Congress starts, I expect immediate hearings on the crisis at the border and investigations into the death of children in the custody of Custom Border Patrol. “

2018 End Times:

The Year of the Old Boys – while subconsciously this was always happening the extent to which it broke through with the Kavanaugh nomination surprised Smitha and shows that we must vote and/or impeach these Old Boys out to make real progress. 

2019 Pep Talk

Ireland Repealed the 8th – Ireland repealed its constitutional amendment banning abortion, an outcome that seemed impossible at one time.  When this happened in May of 2018, it gave Smitha a glimmer of hope that sustained her for the work for the US Midterm Elections.  And the road map set out by the Repeal the 8th campaign is one we can use for the 2019 legislative season. 

Bonus action: donate to help immigrants released by ICE with no resources.