Ep. 58 – The Armamentarium

Ep. 58 - The Armamentarium

This week, our Armamentarium is full of espionage, legislation and redistricting.


#GetCovered by December 15.

Vigil for Clackamas & Sandy Hook.

Russian honeypot Maria Butina cops a plea.
Mother Jones on what she could reveal.

Clinton campaign aide Robby Mook: Russia collusion has been hiding in plain sight.

Rebecca mistakenly identified Montana as the state where Butina & Erickson were shacked up. It was actually South Dakota, which is also a very nice place.



Issue of the week: 

The spending bill.  This is a MUST PASS BILL. The script with what we want is below.

We have leverage. Keep calling.  With indictments dropping daily and people flipping all over the place our leverage grows by the minute. 

Also please watch NANCY BEING A BOSS and giving a master class on how to call Trump on his BS and get stuff done. 

Calls to congress 

“My name is [Name]. I am a constituent and I live in ZIP code [number].I am calling today because I am deeply concerned about the upcoming funding bill. I ask [Sen/Rep] to pass this bill only if it has: 

1. zero money for a border wall; 

2. no increase for the Customs and Border Patrol agency; 

3.  reauthorization for the Violence Against Women’s Act H.R. 6545

4. protections for the Mueller investigation (S 2644/ HR 5505 and 5476)

5. withdrawal from the Yemen conflict (SJ Res 54//H.Con.Res.138).

Read the new offensive Indivisible Guide.  

Make plans for how you and your friends or your activist group will work to push for a progressive agenda in the house in 2019.  Understand the power of messaging bills and must pass bills.