Ep. 57 – Legislative Work is Election Work

Ep. 57 - Legislative Work is Election Work


Issue of the week

Issue of the week: 

Legislative work is election work.  If we want to build on the wins of 2018, we must be realistic and realize the opportunity facing us is to use the Democratic controlled House to advance a legislative and oversight agenda that shows the light between our progressive values and Trump and his GOP’s rampant corruption, lies and inability to govern. If we stiffen the spines of those who work with us, if they do not cave, if they pass progressive legislation in the house, if they hold hearings in the House, we will set ourselves up for 2020: legislative work is election work!

Calls to congress: 

SCRIPT for the lame duck: “My name is [name]. I am a constituent and I live in ZIP code [number]. I am calling to ask Senator/Rep [name] to make sure ZERO dollars go to the Wall and no extra money goes to custom and border patrol.  I also insist that he/she do all he can to make sure legislation to protect Mueller’s investigation and reauthorization of the Violence Against Women’s Act is included in the must pass spending bill.  

Action to help families

  1. File a comment in OPPOSITION to the proclamation by the Trump Admin to deny asylum to those coming to the border Comment on the proclamation here
  2. File a comment in OPPOSITION to limiting immigrants’ access to SNAP and MEDICAID 

Read the new offensive Indivisible Guide.  

Make plans for how you and your friends or your activist group will work to push for a progressive agenda in the house in 2019.  People’s lives and our chances in 2020 depend on it. 



Congress is a thing. 
Here’s a flowchart