Ep. 50(!)- Midterm Squad

Ep. 50(!)- Midterm Squad



Issues of the week: 

With Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court the GOP is now in control of all three branches of govt.  While we work for a new Congress on the federal level we must protect our progressive values at home by defeating the anti-immigrant ballot measure 105, defeating the anti-abortion ballot measure 106, and re-electing our Governor Brown. The GOP nominee for Governor, Knute Buehler, supports measure 105 (repealing Oregon’s sanctuary status) and takes votes/makes statements that show his true “faux-choice” colors on abortion and women’s health.  

Why is the GOP Nominee for Governor Supporting a Ballot Measure That Would Help Deport Undocumented Immigrants?

Knute Buehler can’t be trusted to support women’s health or rights 

Calls to congress 

  1. Script to stop attacks on immigrants: “My name is [Name]. I am a constituent and I and live in ZIP code [number]. I am calling because I am deeply concerned Congress left for recess when families are still separated and now kid are being traumatized. I ask that the Senator/Rep to 1) work to pass the REUNITE Act 2) hold hearings on what is happening at the border and Puerto Rico and 3) make sure no tax payer money goes to fund a wall. Thank you.”

Action to help families

  1. File a comment in OPPOSITION to the rule proposed by the Trump Admin to allow for indefinite detention of children: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=ICEB-2018-0002-0001  (here is some guidance on how to fill it out.  https://twitter.com/Celeste_pewter/status/1038122134348812288) 

Midterm actions 

  1. Stop the whitening of America and oppose Measure 105 (formerly IP 22).  This is an attempt by anti-immigration groups to repeal Oregon’s 30-year-old sanctuary state law.  Commit to vote NO on 105 https://orunited.org/ and make sure all your friends and family do the same
  2. Stop the attack on women’s rights and oppose Measure 106 (formerly IP 1).  It is a back door ban on abortion. Commit to vote NO on 106 https://nocutstocare.com/ 
  3. Support Governor Kate Brown https://katebrownfororegon.com/ and sign up to volunteer https://katebrownfororegon.com/news/upcoming-volunteer-events-kate 



We’re joined by Robin Stevens and Tiana Wilkinson of the Midterm Squad. 

Midterm Squad


Volunteer for the War Room.

Multnomah County Neighborhood Leader Program (scroll down for email link).