Ep. 48 – We Are The Army

Ep. 48 - We Are The Army


Join Smitha, Megan and Rebecca as they recap the week in misogyny, racism and desperate GOP fundraising attempts.


National Sexual Assault Hotline


1-800-656-4673 (HOPE)

Former Donald Trump aide Jason Miller has been accused of secretly administering an “abortion pill” to a woman he got pregnant during an affair, new court documents show.

3D Gun Designer, Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault Of A Minor, Freed On Bail

New Kavanaugh accuser comes forward.



Issues of the week: 

This GOP led Congress doesn’t care about you if you are not white, rich or male.  Unless you are Mueller and then they don’t care about you either 

Calls to congress 

  1. Script to stop attacks on immigrants: “My name is [Name]. I am a constituent and I and live in ZIP code [number]. I am calling because I am deeply concerned that families are still separated with no end in sight, nothing is being done to help Puerto Rico, and citizenship and green card are being attacked. I ask that the Senator/Rep to 1) work to pass the REUNITE Act 2) hold hearings on what is happening at the border and Puerto Rico and 3) make sure no tax payer money goes to fund a wall. Thank you.”
  2. Script to protect women and Stop Kavanaugh: My name is [Name]. I am a constituent and I and live in ZIP code [number]. The GOP Congress looks like it has abandoned women.  The Violence Against Women’s Act languishes a full renewal and Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is being rushed through with no thought to victims’ rights. I ask that the Senator/Rep to do all he or she can to stop this perjurer from sitting on the supreme court and to get a full renewal of the Violence Against Women’s Act.
  3. Script to protect Mueller: My name is [Name]. I am a constituent and I and live in ZIP code [number].  Congress must respect the rule of law.  I ask the Senator/Rep to do al he or she can to pass legislation to protect the Mueller investigation. 

Action to help families

  1. File a comment in OPPOSITION to the rule proposed by the Trump Admin to allow for indefinite detention of children: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=ICEB-2018-0002-0001  (here is some guidance on how to fill it out.  https://twitter.com/Celeste_pewter/status/1038122134348812288) 

Oregon Mid term actions 

  1. Stop the whitening of America and oppose Measure 105 (formerly IP 22).  This is an attempt by anti-immigration groups to repeal Oregon’s 30-year-old sanctuary state law.  Commit to vote NO on 105 https://orunited.org/ 
  2. Stop the attack on women’s rights and oppose Measure 106 (formerly IP 1).  It is a back door ban on abortion. Commit to vote NO on 106 https://nocutstocare.com/ 
  3. Support Governor Kate Brown https://katebrownfororegon.com/ 

National actions 

Mueller/Rosenstein Action plan 



Walden is scared. Let’s make him scared-er.

Indivisible Oregon Midterms

Phone bank tool kits