Ep. 46 – Hysterical

Ep. 46 - Hysterical


This week, our uteruses take over our brains, as we lose our minds over Kavanaugh, Canvassing and Congress.



Issues of the week: 

The attack on immigrants worsens.  The trump admin now has proposed a rule to upend the Flores agreement and keep children held indefinitely with their parents.  They are brazened in their plan to harm as many people in as damaging a way as possible – and creating concentration camps.  New reports are out about further abuse as well – documented by Pro Publica.  

The GOP and trump admin corruption knows no bounds: after passing a 1.5 Trillion tax cut the GOP wants to use the Farm Bill to cut food stamps/SNAP and impose work requirements which will cause 2 million low income Americans to lose their benefits/access to food. They also want to cut $500 billion from Medicare.  And some in the crazy part of the GOP want more tax reform. We need to call about all of these as we call about Kavanaugh. 

Calls to congress 

  1. Script to stop attacks on immigrants: “My name is [Name]. I and live in ZIP code [number]. I am calling because I am deeply concerned over rule to keep family and kids detained indefinitely.  I ask that the Senator/Rep pass the reunite act immediately and end family detention.  Thank you.”
  2. Script to protect our safety net: “My name is [Name]. I and live in ZIP code [number]. I am calling because I am appalled that the GOP is trying to pay for their $1.5 trillion tax cut with cuts to food stamps and Medicare I ask that the Senator/Rep protect our safety net including healthcare and food stamps in the Farm Bill. Thank you.”
  3. Script for Kavanaugh “My name is [Name]. I and live in ZIP code [number]: If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court my life will change by XXX.  He committed perjury and should not sit on the supreme court.  I ask that the Senator to do all he or she can to stop this perjurer from sitting on the supreme court. 

Action to help families

  1. File a comment in OPPOSITION to the rule proposed by the Trump Admin to allow for indefinite detention of children:  (here is some guidance on how to fill it out)

Midterm actions 

  1. Stop the whitening of America and oppose Measure 105 (formerly IP 22).  This is an attempt by anti-immigration groups to repeal Oregon’s 30-year-old sanctuary state law.  Commit to vote NO on 105 https://orunited.org/ and make sure all your friends and family do the same
  2. Support Governor Kate Brown https://katebrownfororegon.com/ 
  3. National actions 
    1. Check out this new resource from Pod Save America: Vote Save America 
    2. senate action: https://www.roadto2018.com/ pick a vulnerable blue senator in a red and do something every month to help them win
    3. Sign up for #LastWeekend – ask off for vacation now.