Ep. 40 – Torture Person!

Ep. 40 - Torture Person!

This week:  Rebecca wants to shut down 3D guns, Smitha wants to shut down kavanaugh’s nomination and Megan wants to shut down your feelings.




Issues of the week: MULTI TASK PEOPLE

We defeated Ryan Bounds – thanks Super Hero Ron Wyden – which means we can defeat Kavanaugh.  The key is to get ALL his records out in the open.  

And while we call about stopping Kavanaugh we need to call about Families at the Border and Election Security.  CALL EVERY DAY.  ABOUT 2-3 THINGS. MULTI TASK.

You: Hi.  I would like to leave 3 comments for the Senator/Rep

Staff: I can take those down

You: Thanks my name is XXX and I’m from zipcode XXX: #1 I’m very worried about families at the border.  I would like the Senator/Rep to do all he/ she can to reunite families and pass the REUNITE Act, #2 I would like the Senator/Rep to protect our elections and pass the PAVE act.  I’m very worried about foreign interference in our elections. #3 (for senators only) I would like the Senator to do all he/she can to stop Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and ask to see all his records 

Staff: Thank you.  I’ll make sure the Senator/Rep gets your message


Latest torture reports of detainees from the border

Packed in cages like sardines

Forced to drink from toilets

Denied baths and forced to eat spoiled frozen food 

Babies who cannot talk in immigration court

Leaving 2 year olds to change their own diaper 

Cursed by guards

Oregon Jail routinely strip searches immigrant detainees

Mid-term Actions:

  1. Figure out your plans for #LastWeekend and sign up at https://thelastweekend.org/ – ask off for vacation now.  Plan now for how you will help for the weekend before the election.  If you need help check out: https://crushthemidterms.org/ – will help you plan for the midterms. 
  2. Evergreen national action: https://www.roadto2018.com/ pick a vulnerable blue senator in a red and do something every month to help them win
  3. Evergreen Oregon action – support Governor Kate Brown https://katebrownfororegon.com/ 



The world is burning. Do shit.