Ep. 38 – Defensive Crouch

Ep. 38 - Defensive Crouch

This week: We discuss Democratic strategy, immigration, #SCOTUS, and an administration hell bent on killing us.




Issue of the week

This government is putting our lives in danger and this is most evident in how they are attacking immigrants.

The situation at the border is still a disaster with families are torn apart at the border, kept in detention indefinitely, and suffer the abuse at the hands of our government. We need to change our tactic when calling and ask pointed questions.

Sample script

“My name is XXX and I’m from XXX zip code.  I’m worried about what is happening at the border. I have two questions: What is the plan to reunify these families? I’m asking the senator/rep to work to reunite these families and advocate for a reunification czar and a central processing location for all families and kids. What is being done to end family detention? I ask the senator/rep to vote no on any legislation that will keep families in detention indefinitely.”


The House is important to win and so is the Senate.  So, while you are working for a House campaign please adopt a vulnerable blue senator in a red state and contribute something (time, treasure, or talent) towards their campaign every month until the election.  Check out www.roadto2018.com for the candidates and more details. 

Extras: NPR is being ridiculous by being sexist and silencing women, and focusing on rich people’s alimony issues intersect with the tax plan.



– we need to #SaveSCOTUS.  The Indivisible Guide has a two step plan. 

Brett Kavanaugh is the nominee and he is bad.  His rulings on policy are the opposite end of the spectrum.  But all hope is not lost.  It took THREE years to confirm him the first time.  He has thousands if not millions of documents from this involvement with Ken Starr and George W Bush’s White House that need to be reviewed and will delay his conformation.  Liberals and super conservatives both don’t like him. 

While his policy positions are dangerous and harmful, the most worrisome stance he has is that a sitting president cannot be indicted for ANYTHING.  And this is likely a big part of why Trump chose him – his get out jail free card. 

So call your Senators and make it clear you want them to vote no and to do all they can to stop this nominee as a president under investigation should not be able to appoint a life time nominee to the supreme court – especially one that feels a president can do no wrong.