Ep. 34 – Gay Avalanche

Ep. 34 - Gay Avalanche

This week: 

Rebecca is loose & disorganized on “Bitchfest,” Smitha defends our democracy, economy & identity on “This Doctor Makes Housecalls,” and Megan triggers a Gay Avalanche on ’Listen Up, Dummies!”




Asks of the week

Democracy, economy, and immigrants/vulnerable are being attacked.  We must ask Congress to act.

To save Democracy: “My name is XX from XX zipcode.  I’m also calling because our children’s futures are in danger as Trump destroys our democracy stating he can pardon himself and cannot be subpoenaed.  Trump is not a dictator and I need the Senator/Rep to do all he/she can to protect our democracy starting by passing legislation to protect the Mueller investigation with Special Counsel Independence Act S.1735/ H.B.3664.  Thank you”

To save the economy: “My name is XX from XX zipcode. I’m calling because our children’s futures are in danger from Trump’s unfair tax and trade policy. Please tell the Senator to support bipartisan S. 2538, which rolls back Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum and support S. 2566, the Level the Playing Field in Global Trade Act of 2018. We need Congress to protect us. Thank you.”

To protect children at the border: “My name is XX from XX zipcode.  I’m calling to demand that the Senator/Rep do all he/she can to shine a light on and stop the Trump administration’s brutal practice of separating families at the border. I also ask the Senator/Rep to take the following Congressional actions 1) defund ICE until these abuses stop 2) pass the HELP Separated Children Act S 2937and 3) pass legislation to halt separation of families at the border.  Thank you. 

To help Puerto Rico “My name is XX from XX zipcode.  I am calling because, I am very concerned about the lack of relief for Puerto Rico.  We don’t even know how many people died last year.  I ask that the Senator/Rep call for hearings into what happened last hurricane season and provide funding to help them recover and prepare for this hurricane season

Bonus Action: #EndFamilySeperation 

  1. Ask your rep what they are doing #EndFamilySeperation abuses at the border. Ask if they will go down to the border, like Senator Merkley did, and bear witness to what is going on there.
  2. Text, email, call everyone you know, especially those with GOP reps, and ask them to do all they can to #EndFamilySeperation abuses at the border.  We must keep the pressure up and keep this in the news.

Midterm Action

Check out indivisible435.  They are launching in all FIFTY states and have tools for canvasing and phonebanking that you can use – as long as you are not affiliated with a campaign.