Ep. 32 – Gunfuckistan

Ep. 32 - Gunfuckistan
On this week’s episode, Rebecca talks about what Rachel Maddow called the “Red Tide of Mass Child Murder,” Smitha demands that the House & Senate get their house in order, Megan proposes a novel fix for gun violence, and we all agree on the need for a New Country for Toxic Men.



Santa Fe, TX School Shooting: 

•  in 2018 so far, more people have been killed at schools than have been killed while serving in the military.

• Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said that the problem is that schools have too many entrances and exits. 

• Oliver North, the totally reputable new NRA President, blamed the shooting on our ‘culture of violence’ and Ritalin. 

• Pledge to be a Gun Sense Voter

• Urge your Senators to block the current NRA-backed concealed carry reciprocity bill (S446)

In addition, Demand that lawmakers do the following:
• Universal background checks on all gun sales

  • ban assault weapons, high capacity magazines & bump stocks 
  • Require thorough training & permitting for al lgun purchases
  • Create a system to track & limit the purchase of ammunition
  • Lift the ban on funding gun violence research (Dickey Amendment)
  • Require that all guns use smart-gun technology to reduce accidents
  • Implement a national gun buyback program

• National Die-In: There are early signs that a National Die-In is being planned for June 12, at the US Capitol and around the country. The action will take place on the second anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, and will include a die-in at noon in front of the Capitol in Washington DC and another in Orlando. 

• Wear Orange Weekend is June 2-3. This is an annual event to raise awareness of Gun Violence. It was started in Chicago by high school students whose friend Hadiya Pendleton was killed in a drive by shooting. Orange is the color hunters wear to signify ‘don’t shoot me.’ 

Go to WearOrange.org to find an event near you. 

In Portland, the event will be at Elizabeth Caruthers Park in SW Portland on Saturday, June 2nd at 1pm.




Asks of the week

The House (and Senate) need to get their House in order.  This week we focus on concrete actions that could get a vote in the House and Senate.  

Ask for the house: “My name is xx and I’m from xx zip code. I am very concerned about two time-sensitive issues—the fate of net neutrality and of the DREAMers. It is imperative that both (1) a Resolution of Disapproval to reverse the FCC’s net neutrality decision and (2) a clean DREAM Act be brought quickly to a vote. Please sign on to the discharge petitions for both issues and do all you can to get them passed. Thank you.”

Ask for senators: “My name is xx from xx zip code. I am concerned about how the Senate is functioning.  Leader McConnell is not doing his job by holding up S 2644 which protect the Mueller investigation and HR 4924 which address sexual harassment in Congress to the floor.  I strong support both these bills.  I ask that the Senator support them too and call on Leader McConnell to bring them to the floor for a vote now.  Thank you.”

There is so much more Congress could do.  They could start by investigating the many abuses listed in this thread from Walter Shaub. 

Midterm Action

As the midterms approach we need to pick and support candidates who embody our values.  Find gunsense candidates for who you can vote and take the gunsense voter pledge: https://gunsensevoter.org/about/ 




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