Ep. 31 – Do Not Resuscitate

Ep. 31 - Do Not Resuscitate

This week: Rebecca discusses border bigotry (Israeli and American) on Bitchfest. Smitha gets swamp fever on This Doctor Makes House Calls, and Megan untangles campaign finance laws on Listen Up, Dummies!




Asks of the week

The swamp is alive and well. The GOP Tax Plan has helped stock buy backs, sent jobs overseas, and let Paul Ryan get millions for his PAC.  Republicans plan to make up the $1.5 trillion debt the tax plan created on the back of the poor, hungry and sick. Michael Cohen sold access to Trump to pharmaceutical and telecom companies and now net neutrality has been repealed and there is no drug pricing reform.  

Trump’s GOP is already at work at the state level.  Louisiana is preparing thousands of nursing home eviction notices after proposing Medicaid cuts.  The Michigan Senate has passed work requirements that will cost thousands their healthcare and are racially discriminatory: white rural counties with high unemployment are exempt from work requirements while black cities are not.

Scripts for these issues 

For the safety net: “My name is [–] and I’m a constituent from [zip code]. The benefit of the GOP tax plan is all going to corporations and we don’t have enough money left over for our safety net.  Housing, food assistance, and healthcare are all under attack.  I ask the Senator/Representative to please work to 1) protect our safety net – no work requirements and no cuts to current assistance and 2) fight for a fair tax plan.  We must defend our values and show that people’s lives matter – no matter their status. Thank you”

For the Swamp: “My name is [–] and I’m a constituent from [zip code]. The swamp is bigger than ever.  Pharmaceutical companies and telecom companies have a direct line to the president while we are left behind.  We must put a stop to this corruption.  I ask the Senator/Rep to 1) hold hearings to stop this corruption 2) work to keep net neutrality and 3) lower drug costs. Thank you”

Midterm Action

If your state allows you to request a ballot early – request it now. Then you can vote at home.  Check out www.voteathome.org for why this is a good idea and can boost voter turnout.  Then get all your friends and family to do the same.