Ep. 30 – Nasty Women Get Shit Done

Ep. 30 - Nasty Women Get Shit Done

This week:

Rebecca learns there are no heroes on Bitchfest. Smitha reinforces our values on This Doctor Makes House Calls. Megan drops some PSAs on Listen Up Dummies, and we all interview Ali King, President and Co-Founder of Nasty Women Get Shit Done.



Our vales are under attack.  Trump and his administration are systematically attacking the poor, immigrants, and our healthcare.  Calling every week is hard work but it is how we stand up for our values. 

The farm bill: “My name is [–] and I’m from [zip code]. I am very worried about the constant attacks on our safety net. Cutting nutrition assistance from families and children are not my values. I ask that the Senator/Rep work to remove work requirements for SNAP from the farm bill and keep the nutritional assistance we have going. Thank you.”

The attacks on immigrants: “My name is [–] and I’m from [zip code]. I am appalled by all the atrocities ICE and DHS are committing– separating children from their parents and losing track of children in their charge.  I ask that the Senator/Rep ask for hearings on ICE and DHS, defund ICE and censure ICE.  They are a modern-day gestapo and must be stopped. 

The attacks on healthcare: “My name is [–] and I’m from [zip code]. I am very worried about a new ACA repeal coming this month and all the reports of health insurance loss due to this administration sabotaging the ACA. Healthcare is a human right and needed for to reach one’s full potential.  I ask the Senator/Rep to please keep working to protect the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid while expanding healthcare for all.”

Mid-term action of the week

Check out state election action at https://flippable.org/ and https://www.sisterdistrict.com/  

Sign up for email alerts and donate $5 to one of their candidates. 

Check out Indivisible Oregon for Portland, Oregon area activities at indivisibleor.org