Ep. 29 – There’s Scientific Fact…and Then There’s Bullshit.

Ep. 29 - There’s Scientific Fact...and Then There’s Bullshit.



Asks of the week

Our safety net is under attack and the latest assault comes from HUD Secretary Ben Carson who wants to TRIPLE the rent on subsidized housing.  This is in addition to Medicaid work requirements, another ACA repeal, and the farm bill taking food away from families and children 

Main ask for the week: “My name is [–] and I’m from [zip code]. I am very worried about the constant attacks on our safety net. Tripling the rent on subsidized housing and cutting nutrition assistance from families and children are not my values. I ask that the Senator/Rep work to remove work requirements for SNAP from the farm bill, keep the nutritional assistance we have going, and stop HUD from raising rent on subsidized housing. Thank you.”

Bonus ask is to work to make Mitch McConnell do his job.  He is holding up votes on a bill to protect Mueller (which passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in a bipartisan vote) and a bill to address sexual harassment in Congress (which passed the House, has support of all women senators, all male democratic senators and Ted Cruz)

The bonus ask for senators: “My name is [–] and I’m from [zip code]. I am concerned about how the Senate is functioning.  Leader McConnell is not doing his job by holding up S 2644 which protect the Mueller investigation and HR 4924 which address sexual harassment in Congress to the floor.  I strong support both these bills.  I ask that the Senator support them too and call on Leader McConnell to bring them to the floor for a vote now.  Thank you.”

Mid-term action of the week

Make a commitment to vote: www.iwillvote.com. 



Hi my name is XXX and I’m from XXX zip code. The trump tax plan is riddled with mistakes and Republican leaders plan to correct errors in the tax pan as part of the next spending bill. I ask the Senator/Rep to work for fixes that make the tax plan fair for ALL and stop all cuts to social programs.


Hi my name is XXX and I’m from XXX zip code.  I am very concerned about all the corruption in this administration – from the president, his son in law and his cabinet.  I ask that the Senator/Rep do all he/she can to release trumps taxes, hold hearings on this obscene corruption and to call for the resignation of Jared Kushner. 


Laying the ground work for judicial impeachments: keep up to date on all the latest with judicial nominations at www.judicialnominations.org