Ep. 22 – Spread THIS

Ep. 22 - Spread THIS



  1. Banking regulations have NOT passed the house.  Smitha was mistakenly thinking about the anit ADA bill which did (sadly) pass the house
  2. The threshold for banks to have regulations to prevent a financial crisis is in the BILLIONS not millions. 



Tax Code Links: 


For reps: Hi my name is XXX and I’m from XXX zip code. The trump tax plan is riddled with mistakes and Republican leaders plan to correct errors in the tax pan as part of the next spending bill. I ask the Senator/Rep to work for fixes that make the tax plan fair for ALL and stop all cuts to social programs.

For Senators: Hi my name is XXX and I’m from XXX zip code. I am worried about our economy and would like the ask the Senator to do two things: 1) make sure that any technical fixes to the error-ridden tax law don’t increase the debt and are at least revenue neutral, if not revenue positive and 2) vote no on S. 2155 to stop the roll back of banking protections. Thank you.”

On the spending bill



Hi my name is XXX and I’m from XXX zip code.  I am very worried about all the riders attached to the upcoming spending bill. The GOP is adding dangerous riders.  Please stop any riders will hurt the environment, immigrants, Planned Parenthood or allow dark money into politics. If we have to add riders to the spending bill then add something to help dreamers. 

Bonus actions are to keep calling on Dreamers and for Gun reform. 

Hi my name is XXX and I’m from XXX zip code.  Dreamers lives are in limbo and I ask the Senator/Rep do all he/she can to get a clean dream act to the floor for a vote. 

Hi my name is XXX and I’m from XXX zip code.  Gun violence is ravaging our country and robbing our kids of their childhoods.  I demand that the Senate/House take up comprehensive gun reform legislation immediately. Our very lives depend on it. 

Hiral Tippenany Postcards to Voters