Ep. 117 - Testing, Is This Thing On?

Rebecca & Smitha discuss how the White House repeatedly ignored coronavirus warnings and how we MUST vote to get out of this mess.


Congress must show they are people #WhoCareForUs and help people, not corporations.  The next coronavirus package must:

  1. Give money directly to states and people.  No more money for corporations.
  2. Fully funding USPS and vote-by-mail.
  3. Provide robust legislative oversight is essential to be sure the administration uses money the way the law intends. 


NEW THIS FRIDAY! Indivisible Chicago has postcards to Wisconsin and Michigan


Vote Forward: https://votefwd.org/

Post Cards to Voters: https://postcardstovoters.org/


Action of the week: 

The impeachment process is moving forward.  Call Congress to keep going

For Reps: Trump has committed impeachable offenses and I ask that he support the impeachment process. Over the recess I ask the Representative to:

  • educate the public on the impeachment process and why it is important
  • make sure public impeachment hearings are the first order of business when the House is back in session

Issue of the week for Senators: #MoscowMitch and election security

For Senators: Mueller made it very clear our elections are being attacked as we speak.  I ask the Senator to do all he/she can to force a vote on election security legislation before they break for recess.

After you call please help register voters for 2020 with Vote Forward https://votefwd.org/. The only hope for lasting change is a new president and a new congress.