Ep. 11 – EndTimesBroadCast

Ep. 11 - EndTimesBroadCast

EndTimesPepTalk/Two Broads Talking Politics Year End Crossover EXTRAVAGANZA!
Megan (The Gay One) and Rebecca (The Jew One) join forces with Kelly (The Knitting One) and Sophy (The Christian One) of Two Broads Talking Politics to rant about the shitshow that is 2017.

Smitha (The Brown One) was busy saving lives. Jerk.

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Topics include: the Women’s March, indictments, Sally motherfucking Yates, Queen Hillary, North Korea, Indivisible, Puerto Rico, Virginia, Alabama, Tim Ryan, Me Too, DACA, CHIP, the GOP Tax Scam, gerrymandering, Sessions, travel bans and airport protests, and the rise of women.

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