Ep. 109 - Not OK, Bloomer

We raise red flags about Bloomberg & Barr, take a red pen to Trump’s budget, and get you ready to write letters to voters.


Bloomberg’s misogyny.

Bloomberg’s firehose of money.

“He has done some admirable work as a private citizen. A private citizen is what he should remain.” – Charles Blow, NYT Editorial: Democrats, Don’t Wish for Your Own Rogue


Issues of the week: The budget and Barr

For the budget: My name is XX from XX zipcode. I am very concerned about Trump’s budget. It slashes our earned benefits and safety nets while promoting his racists agenda.  I ask the Senator/Rep to make sure the budget:

  • Stops any money from going to CBP until there is transparency into what they are doing and guardrails to stop them from targeting people of color
  • Has money for election security

For Barr: My name is XX from XX zipcode. Not only is Trump unhinged but Attorney General Barr is more open than ever he server Trump and not the country.  I ask the Senator/Rep to call for

  • the four prosecutors who quit the Roger Stone case to testify in the House before Barr does at the end of March. 
  • Attorney General Barr to resign

After you call Congress make your plan for 2020.  The time to get off the sidelines is now.

    1. Post cards: postcards to voters https://postcardstovoters.org/
    2. Post cards to Wisconsin: https://www.postcards2wi.com/
    3. Letter writing: vote forward https://votefwd.org/ 
    4. Letter writing: swing left www.swingleft.org
    5. Texting: open progress https://www.openprogress.com/
    6. Texting: resistance labs https://resistancelabs.com/
    7. Texting for candidates: contact campaigns directly
    8. Phone banking and canvassing – contact campaigns directly