Ep. 107 - Right Matters

Smitha & Rebecca prepare for their trip to Iowa and mentally prepare for the Republicans’ complete abdication of the constitution. Plus: text banking tips!



Issue of the week: Right matters – but does it matter to the GOP? 

My name is XX from XX zipcode. I’m appalled by the coverup Trump’s lawyers and the GOP are perpetrating in the Senate and the increasing violence in Trump’s rhetoric.  I ask the Senator/Representative to  

  • Keep pushing for a fair Senate impeachment trial with witnesses and documents. 
  • Call on Republican Senators to condemn Trump’s threats against Adam Schiff.   

After you call Congress make your plan for 2020.  Only with sustained action that leads to record voter turnout across all levels of government will we be able start the end of Trump and his GOP. 

    1. Post cards: postcards to voters https://postcardstovoters.org/
    2. Post cards to Wisconsin: https://www.postcards2wi.com/
    3. Letter writing: vote forward https://votefwd.org/ 
    4. Letter writing: swing left www.swingleft.org
    5. Texting: open progress https://www.openprogress.com/
    6. Texting: resistance labs https://resistancelabs.com/
    7. Texting for candidates: contact campaigns directly
    8. Phone banking and canvassing – contact campaigns directly