Ep. 101 - The Emperor Our God In Perpetuity The End

Smitha & Rebecca rant about our broken healthcare system, get up to speed on impeachment and the budget, and offer some suggestions for Giving Tuesday.



Issues of the week: impeachment and defund hate

Defund Hate: I am devastated by the continued cruel and inhumane treatment of our neighbors at the hands of the Trump administration. I ask the Senator/Rep to insist the upcoming budget:

  • cuts the overall funding for CBP and ICE
  • blocks back door funding/intra agency transfers of funds to CBP and ICE
  • includes strong guard rails to prevent abuse at CBP/ICE facilities

Impeachment: I want the Senator/Rep to know I strongly support the impeachment process and expect him/her to do all he/she can to impeach and remove Trump.

Swing left Unify or Die Campaign: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/unify-or-die